Picture Memories

As a new year is upon us my brain is constantly thinking about ways to capture all the little moments that we experience daily as a family that our aging memories won’t always hold on to.  Pictures in our home are worth a thousand words and memories are the most important thing I hope to pass on to my children.  Pictures help that happen.  When the time comes and we are no longer able to share stories, memories, or explain events in their childhood hopefully pictures will help spark the buried memories.

I’m hoping to really embark on this weekly picture-taking not only for myself, but so that my children could look back at it to learn more about the early years of their life that may escape my aging memory. I’m thankful my wonderful husband gave me the awesome gift of technology that my new DSLR provides me.

Thus more picture blogs will be arriving weekly, hopefully with a few sprinklings of other posts about our life, things we love doing and everything in between!



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