How We Started With Cloth Diapers

Newborn Cloth Diapers: Kissaluvs & Bum Genius

So everyone who knows me knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE cloth diapering.  We didn’t start cloth diapering until T1 was almost two years old, but we had been using Seventh Generation Free and Clear disposable diapers for him since he was a few weeks old due to a horrible skin reaction he had because of other disposable diapers. I loved these diapers as well, they hardly ever leaked and were good sturdy diapers.  However, as  I started the potty learning process and got exciting news that we were expecting our second little one I started looking into cloth diaper trainer pants to transition T1 into instead of using the disposable pull ups.  Thus I began my exciting journey into cloth!

As I researched and joined forums about cloth diapering my decision to use trainers with T1 and cloth diapers with T2 kept getting more and more reinforced in my head.  I very rarely heard any negative things about cloth diapering, and I got to admit it they are pretty darn cute and soft! T1 then became my guinea pig, gone was the cloth trainer idea, I jumped right in by putting him in One Size Pocket cloth diapers.  I not only needed to fully convince myself that switching to cloth couldn’t be all that bad but I also had to convince the hubs as well.  Wouldn’t you know it he kept an open mind and didn’t seem to mind the switch.

As contemporary cloth diapers continue to gain more exposure more and more local stores are carrying them, but when I started I couldn’t find very many stores I could go in to touch and feel the diapers.  I was one lucky lady when I stumbled upon a small mom and pop cloth diaper store not to far from my home, The Changing Station.  I cant thank the owners enough about helping to educate me on all the different brands they carried in their store and they sure knew their stuff, as they had just welcomed baby number five.  Unfortunately they are out of business now, but had it not been for their guidance I wouldn’t have known so much about sooo many different options.

Now we don’t necessarily cloth diaper to save money, although it is a great money saver and we highly recommend it to many other families that we know who struggle with the cost of disposable diapers.  And, there is no running to the store when we run out of diapers, that in conjunction with nursing has saved us many a nights when we would have otherwise argued about who was going to the store next!   We cloth diaper so we know what chemicals are coming into contact with our babies sensitive new skin. We also use natural and organic body washes and lotions to limit their exposure of any carcinogens that we as adults might come in contact with all the time.  Our favorite brands will be featured in another post.  Alas, our second visit to this new found cloth diaper store and we walked out of there as if we had all the knowledge in the world about cloth diapering with close to three hundred dollars worth of various brands and types of cloth diapers for our new bundle of joy!

I couldn’t wait to wash and prep my new cloth diapers and use them on T1 in preparation for the birth of T2.  As I got more confident in cloth diapering I also started adding more diapers to my growing collection 🙂 and T2 wasn’t even born yet! Haha, well needless to say T2 was born and upon our arrival back home with baby in hand a new journey began learning how to cloth diaper such a small 9lb baby.


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