Road Trip

Well we are in beautiful Albuquerque New Mexico! After 12 hours of traveling by car with 4 kids my sister and I survived and marveled at how easy the drive was. We didn’t really know what to expect as our babies are getting older and handle car rides better than when they were littles. But honestly we still were a bit scared leaving home, but marveled at smooth the trip was when we arrived at our destination, grandmas house!

We have been in the land of enchantment a week now and it really has taken that long to get acclimated to new surroundings and a new schedule. Well our schedule isn’t really a schedule and that’s what has thrown us off. Breakfast, lunch and dinner happen whenever we can get the kids to slow down for 20 minutes or so and bedtime is when everyone just crashes where ever they lay 🙂

We have had a blast getting to see family and friends we have gone months without seeing and look forward to new adventures during the next week and a half that we are here.

For now I will share a few priceless pictures of buried Barbie dolls, fighting bad trees and sand angels.




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