We’re pregnant

We are PREGNANT  with our third and final baby and we were lucky enough to find out the morning of July 4th the baby’s gender!  We were both scared and excited when the doctor said she was pretty confident in determining the gender of the baby since we are barely 16 weeks today.

Unlike the first two pregnancies we toyed around with the idea of not finding out or doing some gender reveal party type of thing.  We settled for the latter and although we chose not to have a big fancy hoorah we did enjoy finding out the gender with our little guys!  I had my obgyn appointment on Tuesday and had her write the gender on a card that was then handed over to someone at party city with instructions to fill a box with gender color specific balloons (ie: girl = pink, boy = blue).  Hubby picked up the box later that afternoon as we had swim lessons and then a pre 4th of July BBQ to attend.  He dropped it off at the house and we met up to head to the party.

It was pretty easy not to be tempted to open it since we weren’t home and were busy having fun with friends, but the next morning we all couldn’t wait to open it!  No breakfast, no brushing teeth, no getting ready, we just set up the camera and opened our box.

Before Opening The Box



I couldn’t believe it at first and am still a bit hesitant.  You hear all those horror stories of being told one gender only to have the opposite the day of delivery so although we are holding out hope for a little girl we know it won’t be 100% accurate until she is here.

The best part of the whole experience was being able to sit down with our little guys after the balloons floated towards the ceiling and talk to them about what the colors represent and what that means for our family.  Sadly our oldest was not too thrilled with the idea of a baby girl and wanted soo desperately to have another brother.  I know he will change his tune upon her arrival and believe me I will keep him involved with as much of the process as I can to help ease his little mind that a little sister wont be all that bad!

Happiness Written All Over Our Faces


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