Little Shark

Landon Swimming

I can’t quite pinpoint when it happened, but my baby knows how to swim!  I’m very proud of him and enjoy watching him do something he really enjoys.  Like his swim instructor says “swimming is the only sport you need to learn to save your life or the life of someone else” and I’m thankful we can afford to teach him something so basic yet soooo important.

I remember my swim lessons as a young child.  My mother took us to the YMCA and wanted to make sure we too knew what we were doing and how to be safe in water.  I never excelled in swimming, but I’m glad I can keep up with my kids in the pool and show them a few things.

Little Fins Swim School

Landon has been in swim lessons since he was 15 months old, he had tubes in his ears due to multiple ear infections so he wasn’t too fond of going underwater until we bought him some ear plugs but he has since learned to love the water…… and love the water he does!  This summer alone he has been in three different swim classes, graduating from each one in two weeks time or so.  Before I know it he will be out of the young children’s classes and in the beginner swim classes and he is only 4!  I’m so proud of his dedication to learning and how comfortable he is with the water.

I hope this is a sport he chooses to participate and compete in, because I know he has the heart to do it!

Little Shark


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