Not Much Sweatin’ Going On

Park on a cloudy day

I’m sooo thankful it is nearing the end of June and we are not having the horrid heat we had last summer!  Living in Texas you pretty much accept the fact that there will never be seasons, instead we have two temperatures, cool and hot sometimes even hot hot.

I’ve lived in the DFW area for almost ten years now and still have not gotten used to the hot hot weather which is why today after swim lessons with the sky sort of overcast and a light rain coming down I decided to take the boys to the park.  I mean there hasn’t been a better day.  Although it was still 85 degrees and humid today it was a nice park day.  Those are rare days here in the summer that you just have to take advantage of.  Last summer we had some sort of record heat wave with 72 days over 100

Park on a cloudy day

degrees.  Now I’m not sure how we survived but somehow it’s like childbirth, unbearable while you are going through it but then you forget about how awful it was and look forward to summer again.  Eventually I’m hoping I get used to it…. (wishful thinking, I know)

The forecast does predict a major warm up and we will be in the 100’s by the end of the weekend, but a few more weeks with this TX heat and then we are off to NM for three weeks to enjoy family and friends.  So I think I can put up with these hot days as long as I can get my boys to come inside mid afternoon for a cool down and a movie 🙂


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