Time Flies

Wow time flies when you’re having fun, huh!  Well for us it does.  Today is my oldest child’s fourth birthday and I can’t believe that in less than two months he will be a student!  It’s just preschool two days a week at our church, but still my child is now going to be a little boy and no longer my baby boy.

It’s pretty sad!  Although he is not our only child and will soon be a big brother to two siblings, I remember my pregnancy and birth with him like it was yesterday and am in awe that it’s already time to let my strong grip on him slowly go.

Thankfully there are traits that he possess’ that I don’t think he will grow out of anytime soon, like his cuddling.  The guy’s a cuddler and boy does he like his momma and me time.  Of course I encourage it and will as long as I can, I’m just not ready to watch my little guy grow into a young man!

4th Birthday w/ Cousins


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