Smiles or Growls

Tickle Monster

When I first started thinking about this weekly picture memory idea I had, I never thought that I would be in any of the photos.  As the sole woman of the house I’m usually the only one who remembers to bring out the camera and capture moments, sadly this means there are not very many photos with me actually in them. Since my loving man bought me my new incredible camera he has taken more of an initiative to pick it up and take pictures, and so I have him to thank for this one. The tickle monster at her greatest!

One of my favorite things to do with T1 is tickling 🙂 I love tickling!  Although lucky me I am not terribly ticklish, T1 and T2 got that from their daddy, haha so I torture all of them with tickles. The laughter, the smiles they just make me happy!

This is T2 and his reaction to my new shiny camera. When he sees the camera come out he immediately runs toward it almost growling, laughing , mouth wide open trying to snatch it.  So now I have to find a way to capture great photos without him aware of the camera’s presence.  I’m sure soon enough he will realize the black big flashy thing wont be going away anytime soon!




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