Boxed In

Cabinets Are Better Than Toys

As a pregnant first time mom you are always bombarded with tons of advice and words of wisdom from fellow mama’s who now have experience.  I remember hearing that although toys are great to have for learning and development that often times many children are drawn to the boxes the toys came in.  I was told an empty cardboard box could supply endless hours of entertainment!

Boy have I learned just how true that was!  Not only do T1 and T2 like to stack empty boxes, push empty boxes and fill empty boxes with endless amounts of toys they have also realized that our cabinets once devoid of any items make the perfect box to play in 🙂 I found them on many occasion simply sitting inside an empty cabinet (after they emptied it) babbling with each other, camping (as in throwing all blankets and stuffed animals inside), playing hide & seek or sometimes fighting.

At first I would constantly remind them, the cabinet was not a toy. But as time went on I realized how truly fun it was for them, to imagine and create with all their things.  The fact that they could fit so perfectly inside made it truly enjoyable for them.  Thus how I stumbled upon this beautiful picture of them acting silly and playing around inside the cabinet I once forbade them to play in. Oh yea, they are getting ready to go *camping*!


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