A Day Late, A Dollar Short

Haha, well this holiday weekend had me thinking today was Sunday!  What a busy weekend we have had.  On the weekends its just me and the boys, technically our “weekend” starts Wednesday night so Saturday and Sunday are the beginning of our week. Except for holiday weekends, and then all hell breaks loose.  Nothing gets done, our house becomes a mess and we are always running around doing stuff, time just slips away from us.


Thankfully this week I captured two beautiful pictures that do a great job of showing the temperament/personalities of T1 and T2.  As they are both drastically different, and unique in their own way.  My hope is that one day the gentleness and calmness of T1 and the silly, confident do all attitude of T2 will help them both form a brotherly bond that will never be broken.

Can Do Attitude

Although there are many days where they don’t understand each other and one is wild crazy while the other simply wants to play quietly by himself, I know they will rub off on each other. I can only dream that their sibling bond is as strong as the one I have with my sister.  I know from experience they will probably have to go through every good and bad feeling towards one another, but to grow up to be close grown men is my only wish for them.


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