Winter Weather

We have finally begun to actually feel as if it is winter outside.  Living in Texas has made me turn into wimp when it comes to cold weather because we are blessed with pretty mild temps and very rarely have I ever had to wear a big warm coat.  Thankfully, because I dont even own a big warm coat.  Most of my coats are stylish accessories I add to my outfits when its just a tad to cold outside to walk out without covering up. So no warm coats for me and likewise I have never really bought my boys any big coats either so when we had a nasty winter storm last week that brought ice and then four to six inches of snow we were totally unprepared. T1 wanted to go play outside in the snow and didnt have a single article of clothing that he could wear to keep warm. So what do two logical parents do, we layered him up.  Sweatpants under pants, long sleeve shirt under sweater, under jacket and a hat. Two sets of socks, two sets of mittens…. I know bad parents he doesnt even have waterproof gloves! But fear not he had a blast throwing snow and making a snowman with his dad and he didnt get frostbite.

T1 and Dad


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