Making progress

So I think we finally may have figured out what the problem is with Thing 2 (T2), hopefully!  I have been restricting my diet of all dairy products per the recommendation of our pediatrician and also some handy info I once again got off the Internet.  Man, I love, love the Internet… I know you should always take what you read with a grain of salt and further talk to your doctor before following through with any advice you read off the internet, but it sure is a handy tool to use on a Saturday night when doctors are closed and you have a not so serious question.

Anywho, so just a few days after reading labels and being picky about what I ate so I didn’t consume dairy we saw a drastic change in T2.  For once since being born we were able to lay him down on the sofa and let him entertain himself for at least thirty to forty-five minutes! We were so excited, that had never happened before. His crying fits also dramatically decreased and he was starting to act and look like a normal, happy, healthy baby!

I never would have thought that my dairy intake could negatively affect T2 through my breast milk.  I had never heard of it and was a little sad when I realized that it was my breast milk that was making him be such a grouch. It’s a liberating feeling though to find out what the problem was, now lets just hope as he gets older he doesn’t have any food allergies, that would be tough.  The doc did say that he should out grow his dairy allergy/sensitivity as he gets older so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I have been on a dairy free diet for about two weeks now and T2 just keeps getting happier and happier everyday.  We are able to do so much more with him and he loves his alone time, whether it’s in the swing for an hour or just chillin on the couch listening to T1 play and crash his cars into every available wall. Dairy free for me has been great as well.   Its definitely got me eating healthier meals and being more conscious of what I feed not only myself but T1 as well.

I was a huge junk food queen before this, if it had to be microwaved, picked up from a drive thru or gas station it was my kind of food!  I love the convenience of packaged dinners, frozen dinners, fast food, delivery food, and any other kind of food that I can get and eat within ten minutes, but now I’m starting to learn that healthy non diary (cheese, butter, milk,) food can also be easy to prepare and I’m experimenting so much more now with our food.

Although now that I’m eating healthier my body is constantly telling me I need to eat, that is such a big change from when I ate so many useless calories. I cant deny my hunger and find myself snacking more between meals with good things like hummus with pretzels or some edamame that I can thankfully microwave in about 2 minutes 😉

So now our next challenge with T2 is gonna be supplementing formula.  I currently exclusively breastfeed, but we have a few weddings coming up that I will have to be away from the baby for a hours at a time.  I have been pumping hoping to build up a nice stash so I wouldn’t have to supplement, but it looks as though we might be a little short on BM even with my pumped milk.  So lets hope the introduction of formula goes smoothly!


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