The Waiting Game

So I guess I finally figured out what is worse than the dreadful waiting game at the doctors office. Its happened to the best of us, we arrive for a doctors appointment ten minutes before schedule, hoping to get in a bit early or at least on time. No such luck! We’re thankful if we only wait fifteen to twenty minutes before being seen, walking back to the patient room with a giddy smile on our face thanking our lucky stars, and thinking “yippee, almost done”!

Well that is how its supposed to play out.  For me though it is a painfully time consuming process to go to one doctors appointment.  I’m finally past the halfway point of this pregnancy, twenty-one weeks today to be exact. But since I am considered high risk, I have had a weekly appointment with a specialist to check all my lady parts so we have no surprises or early babies, since my sixteenth week of pregnancy. So I would pretty much consider myself a pro at the waiting game in doctors offices.  I thought I had seen it all, from waiting merely five minutes to get seen to waiting well over an hour and half in the waiting room, trying to figure out what the f*!& is going on back there that has been oh so more important than my appointment!  But I digress, I hadn’t fully understood the magnitude with which the waiting game could rear its ugly head.

That is until yesterday!  I generally dislike changing my schedule or having to reschedule an appointment so when my specialist said he would be out of town this week and that I would have to see his partner it didn’t affect me too much, until he announced it would be at a completely different office, in a different part of town.  So not only am I lucky enough to have a new stranger examining my most intimate parts, but now I have to go on a scavenger hunt to find him…. Fun. So finally the day arrives and I head out to my appointment with plenty of time to get lost, and still be at my appointment on time.  Thankfully the directions they gave me were correct and simple so at least arriving at the office was painless.  That is where the painless part of my day would end.

I check in, right on schedule have a seat and wait.  I get called back up by the secretary to sign another release paper then back to my seat I go.  I’ve been waiting for about fifteen minutes when I get called back to the patient room and I’m super excited, this is going so much smoother than I thought it would. The nurse checks all my vitals, and the sonographer comes in to do her job and check that our little one is happy and healthy in his cave and tells me she will be back shortly with the doc.  Meanwhile I’m thinking I just scored one of the best appointments ever, in less than the thirty minutes that I have been there everything is pretty much done, except for the quick exam by the doctor but surely that wont take long, as it never does.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha…. who was I kidding!!!! So back to the point of this mindless chatter, I learned what is worse than the excruciating waiting game in the waiting room of a doctors office.  I waited a full hour, half naked on a cold exam bed with nothing but a thin sheet merely covering my lady parts waiting on this damn doctor….. oh my gosh I almost lost my mind.  For a minute there I thought about walking out half naked to ask if they forgot about me. Not to mention I was cutting it really close for another appointment I had scheduled for two hours after this one.  UGH!!!!!! So I can now say I know there are worse things in life than waiting in a waiting room full of people to be seen by the nice doctor, and that would be waiting over an hour half naked in a patient room wondering what the hell is going on out there.


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