Moneyless shopping addict

Okay, so maybe I need to admit it. I might slightly have a problem. I love the rush of buying something new, more specifically something that might hang in my closet, sit nicely in my shoe shelf or fold up perfectly in my drawer. My husband doesn’t get nearly the same rush as I. My rush of excitement, and awe after reviewing my recent purchases as I put them in their perfect places swiftly gets replaced as my husbands rush of annoyance rears its ugly head. I dont blame him. I should not spend money so carelessly and recklessly the way I do. The pretty blue ruffled cardigan or the comfy shiny patent leather stilletos will not pay our bills or put food in our sons mouth. I get this, I really truly do, but I have no idea what I can do to replace my “shopping rush” with something that will be beneficial to not only myself, but my beautiful family as well.

By no means is my shopping putting us into debt nor consuming my life. There are times however where my day gets slow and I run to the local mart and randomly stop by some random clothing or shoe store on the way, just to browse. My problem is really not a problem.  I never keep anything from my husband, I don’t hide purchases, I always use our combined checking account to pay for such purchases, and I’m always honest when my adoring husband notices every new garment, shoe or accessory and asks if it is new. My husband used to casually laugh and joke that he always knew I loved to shop. How could he not when he puts away newly laundered clothes and once we again finds that we somehow have managed to run out of hangers.  I guess that’s a dead giveaway.

As a full time student, mom and wife my responsibilities are always my family before myself, but I really have no right to spend money I don’t make.  I technically don’t provide for my family financially, therefore I know I should be more cautious of my spending habits. Although as a mom and wife I give more than 110 percent and sometimes feel as though spending a few dollars here or there on something new and pretty is just the prefect reward for a long day of cooking, cleaning, studying and being CEO of my home. So my shopping rush is fully justified, at least in my mind.

I want to stop my shopping rush and replace with something meaningful.  I wonder if starting a garden and seeing my newly sprouted fruit and veggies would give me the same rush, or finally getting around to cleaning and organizing our home office so we can actually use it for something more than just a holding cell for all our random crap… my intuition tells me these wont replace that rush. However, I do vow to try to slowly escape the need to shop. I vow to learn how to say no to my longing to “just browse” and accept that as a woman with no income I need to make wiser decisions with our family finances and find other things that giv


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