Children are a rare breed

I love children. I love everything they encompass, even on a rotten day. I wish I could live surrounded by children and only children. There is something about their happiness, sadness, anger and curiosity that just makes my heart melt. I find myself observing children in random places and I always wonder what their story is.

You see thats the thing that most people miss. They never look at children as having stories, a background or any history whatsoever. But sadly many adults are mistaken. So many children have stories we couldn’t begin to tell, stories of learning, of luck, of living and of dying. Their story is directly related to their parents or lack their of and molds them into our friends, coworkers and neighbors.

As I was in Chicago this weekend I would catch myself silently observing children in strollers, at restaurants or sleeping on the sidewalk next to their “needy” parent. I find myself questioning their stories. How can a parent sit on a sidewalk begging for food and money with a tiny child huddled in blankets sleeping in a stroller. It was cold, not outrageously cold like chicago gets but low 60’s or so with that famous chicago wind. How can I just walk by and not help? How can I help? I did just walk by and not help. What more could I have done? I’m merely a tourist enjoying my family, freedom and financial stability in a great city, how in the hell can I truly help a young mother and child begging on the sidewalk.

I don’t have millions and millions of dollars, shoot I don’t really have any dollars myself. As a full time student and mother I am solely at the mercy of my dear husband, if he decided to leave tomorrow I could just as easily be sitting next to that young woman and her daughter with my own problems and my son. But I wanted to help! I wanted to help so bad, that image has been burned in my memory. My lousy five bucks or latest doggy bag would have only gotten me so far. It would have only been a band-aid on a gaping wound that needs stitches.

I feel lost and ashamed for that. I wish I knew what to do to help. I wish I could open my home, share my food and clothes and give that mother or father a job to save that sweet innocent child from having to endure a difficult hellish life. To end the cycle. But I can’t provide any of those things, one day maybe but right now it is completely out of the question. So how do I help.

Children are a rare breed and our most important asset. I may not be able to banish their problems but I can at least start trying. I know its a bit rare to start a “new years resolution” at the end of the year, but I cant sit around and observe children quietly. I am resolving to really help and I think I have found the perfect non-profit to utilize. To do my part to nurture the quiet, deserving young children that just need a hug and a smile sometimes.


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