Dreadful dress shopping

Why is it that it seems only acceptable when “full figured” women complain of not finding clothes in their size? Of course if a “skinny minny” like me dare utter how difficult it is to find clothes my size, I’m instantly barraged with sarcastic comments of how I don’t really know what it feels like not to find clothes, and poor me I am skinny… boo hoo.

When in reality maybe it has nothing to do with size and everything to do with the manufactures perception of what a normal size is. I will admit I’m tiny, 5’2, 105 lbs and size 0 with a hearty appetite for junk food and yet no weight gain. Hey its not my fault. I don’t know why I am the way I am, I eat just as much fast food if not more than most people. But it is what it is.

My dilemma is finding stuff that fits. Sure it may be a little bit easier since I am smaller but not when it comes to formal clothes. I have been on a search to find a dress to wear to a wedding in Chicago next month with no luck. Two malls, about 25 stores later and still nothing. No formal “nice” dresses in size 0 anywhere. Now I could always go out and find a skimpy little cocktail dress, of course they make those in small sizes but where in the hell are all the nice conservative dresses with straps and length? I mean come on how hard should it be!

Of course during my frustration I was so tempted to walk into Lane Bryant and ask for a dress my size, knowing full well that they would look and me and laugh or feel insulted. By no means would I want to insult them, more really just trying to justify why the concept of a store for full figured women is entitle to their own clothing store but yet us “skinnie minnies” dont have the luck. Oh how much I would love walking into a store with specific sizes of 00 to size 5 only… now that would be heaven.

I know I will probably get some backlash of how I feel and many people will tell me I’m not justified but I cant help it, I cant find a damn dress! And oh don’t get started on wait till you have children and your frame will change, you will get bigger or wait till you get older your body changes and the wait hangs on… I have had two children and I’m smaller know than I was before them and as I inch closer to 30 I dont see any difference.

So maybe it is just up to me, like I told my husband maybe now its my time to come up with some brilliant idea for helping out my fellow “skinnie minnies”. I could always open up the skinny store on my own and sell fabulous clothes for every occasion, including pregnancy… lord knows they dont make any fashionable clothes in small sizes for pregnant women!


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