Hello world! Living in Suburbia

Not only did I start the day off feeling awful with a sore throat and stuffy nose, but I had to end it by socializing with neighbors.  No way to avoid it when the first ever neighborhood National Night Out event took place at the end of my street, right next to my house!

Now don’t get me wrong I have always fantasized about socializing with the neighbors, introducing my son to their children, gossiping about the goings on in the neighborhood on the front lawn all while our children quietly played together.  But then I moved to Fox Glen Village.  I mean come on, its soooo slow, painfully slow and it doesn’t seem like our neighbors are very sociable. We have lived here over a year now, and have yet to hold a decent conversation with the neighbors directly across from us or next to us.  Weird I know, I always thought neighborhoods in the suburbs were much friendlier.

So after picking up fixin’s for dinner and getting Landon from the sitters I arrive home to police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, bounce houses, and lots of people milling about right next to my house.  I can’t ignore them, can I? No, no I cant, I would except for the fact I cant hide. I cant fully drive into the garage right now, as it is currently full to the brim with nonsense so I have no choice but to park in the driveway and act like I’m interested in this little neighborhood shindig and walk my skinny little butt over there.

I was so miserable. So lets say roughly twenty families or so attended, I was actually surprised to see so many people show up, I was hoping it would be a bust. That would mean less “friendly” neighborhood activities. But I’m there with Landon in tow, and of course the whole hour I am there I speak to a measly one neighbor, ONE! It must have showed that I wasn’t too thrilled to be at this ridiculous attempt at suburbia socializing. Lucky for me though, I happened to be the first name pulled for the prizes they were giving out.  Haha jokes on them, not only was I probably the only one there who felt forced to be there, but I won a coveted gift certificate to have my lawn cared for. Score!

So I guess my day ended better than I thought 🙂



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